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Delivering bad news

Delivering bad news can take many forms including advising staff that their positions have been made redundant; or that a grievance has been lodged against someone; or that a staff member’s performance is below desirable levels.

We regularly coach managers to work through these difficult situations, and particularly in delivering bad news associated with structural change within the WA Public Sector. This is in a context of the relatively new possibility of State Government involuntarily redundancy and termination. Our support includes:

Managing your own reactions in this difficult situation

  • Anticipating the reactions of the person you’ll be talking with
  • Managing information flow; how much information to impart and timing of information
  • Managing rather than inflaming their emotions
  • How to close the conversation with sensitivity

In our quiet, comfortable consulting rooms, many managers who are about to deliver bad news, are able to download, problem solve and refocus. All you need to do to access this service is to contact us. We’re here to assist:

Too Busy to Stop

Senior Consultant

Ann Convery Senior Consultant BSc Grad Dip (Bus) Multiple Lonnie Award winner

It’s been a long time since I met someone who wasn’t busy…someone who when asked about their week, replied “Yeah, it’s been a good week. Not much on, just been relaxing after work and spending time with the family”.  It seems that being ‘busy’ is the new socially acceptable way to spend your day. It seems like, if you’re not busy, you’re doing something wrong. It’s almost a guilty secret you need to hide from those around you who are frantically, relentlessly completing task after task.

 Nothing planned for the weekend?!? Half your luck!

Left work on time and had a relaxing dinner with your family??! Wish I had your life!

When was the last time you stopped and thought about where you choose to direct your energy and time?

Or just stopped.

And thought.

A while ago I started to wonder if maybe there was something going on. A reason why so many of us feel the same way at the end of the week; sigh with relief as we reach for a wine and take a breather away from our ‘busy’ lives.

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Competing priorities assistance

In the complex management environment of uncertain economic times, budget restraint and a State Government recruitment freeze, managers are likely to be juggling multiple and competing priorities.

Our experience indicates this constant challenge can create angst, sometimes sleeplessness and the potential for impaired judgement in accountable and ethical decision making.

In our quiet, comfortable consulting rooms, many managers are able to download, problem solve and refocus. All you need to do to access this service is to contact us. We’re here to assist:

Managers Assistance for final quarter blues

Coming to the end of the year can bring your team to both types of ‘blues’.

Over many years of supporting teams in ‘troubled waters’, we notice that as teams enter the final quarter of the year and Christmas starts to feature in plans, frustrations that have been minor during the year, when the team had the energy to push on through them, become problematic. Relationships within the team can become strained and erupt into ‘blues’ between team members.

Managers then attempt to resolve quickly and move onto deadlines, but at this time of year, that strategy often fails, only for issues to arise again in a more intractable form.

At the same time, there are many mental health issues, like the ‘blues’ that, rather than improving with the anticipated ‘joys of Christmas’ can become much worse.

Managers assistance is available to assist managers to traverse these difficult waters.

Phone, face to face and online support are available. Simply go to our contacts page to arrange. Our credit card receipts simply indicate “Managers Assistance”.


Manager’s Assistance is coming soon…

We’re here to:

    1. Assist managers with under-performing staff
    2. Assist with distressed staff who may be experiencing a mental health issue
    3. Provide specialist workplace behaviourists and development professionals
    4. Enable superior achievement of your strategic and operational intent
    5. When necessary we provide confidential oars across troubled waters. [c]