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Vexed management situations: a blow up at work

Managers Assistance receives many calls like the one below:

We have a problem. We don’t know if you’ll be able to help but you were recommended to us. We have had a blow up at work. We sat the two people down to work it out, but it just got worse with one of the people now being on ‘stress leave’. We’re hoping you can provide some help or mediation. 

As the employee walked out she said she’s  ‘sick to death of all of us. No other manager has ever found fault with her and we are an uncaring bunch who don’t care a hoot about her and what she’s been going through!’ We know that her son is a bit off the rails and has been stealing from her.

Previously we’ve offered her EAP for herself and her son but she said he wouldn’t go to a counsellor. Continue reading

What is the ‘right’ thing?

Taking Accountable & Ethical Decision Making to the Next Level

Anyone who has worked in government for the past few years will have come across training for Accountable and Ethical Decision Making in some format; whether it is online, or our preferred method, face to face. Training about accountable and ethical decision making is becoming increasingly important for government agencies who are aiming to maintain high standards of integrity and protect their reputation as impartial, unbiased providers of services in the public interest.

But do your staff apply these accountability concepts to their everyday work practices, every time?

Are you comfortable that your staff are clear about what is the ‘right’ thing to do in every work situation? 

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Not too busy in the new year

It’s the new year and you’re back at work from the festive season break. It may have been a slow start, but now you can see your priorities lining up. You have confidence that you’ll achieve them and you’re smiling and encouraging others.

It’s an unusual year though, with the election of Donald Trump, his likely global impact, and locally an election looming in Western Australia. You’re not sure what it will bring. Is it a time to be taking action or building resilience and resources?

If you’re about to take steps forward and then you find yourself hesitating, it may be useful to access our confidential contact page. We have a team available who can assist you with accountable and ethical decisions in the current climate:

Too Busy to Stop

Senior Consultant

Ann Convery Senior Consultant BSc Grad Dip (Bus) Multiple Lonnie Award winner

It’s been a long time since I met someone who wasn’t busy…someone who when asked about their week, replied “Yeah, it’s been a good week. Not much on, just been relaxing after work and spending time with the family”.  It seems that being ‘busy’ is the new socially acceptable way to spend your day. It seems like, if you’re not busy, you’re doing something wrong. It’s almost a guilty secret you need to hide from those around you who are frantically, relentlessly completing task after task.

 Nothing planned for the weekend?!? Half your luck!

Left work on time and had a relaxing dinner with your family??! Wish I had your life!

When was the last time you stopped and thought about where you choose to direct your energy and time?

Or just stopped.

And thought.

A while ago I started to wonder if maybe there was something going on. A reason why so many of us feel the same way at the end of the week; sigh with relief as we reach for a wine and take a breather away from our ‘busy’ lives.

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