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Delivering bad news

Delivering bad news can take many forms including advising staff that their positions have been made redundant; or that a grievance has been lodged against someone; or that a staff member’s performance is below desirable levels.

We regularly coach managers to work through these difficult situations, and particularly in delivering bad news associated with structural change within the WA Public Sector. This is in a context of the relatively new possibility of State Government involuntarily redundancy and termination. Our support includes:

Managing your own reactions in this difficult situation

  • Anticipating the reactions of the person you’ll be talking with
  • Managing information flow; how much information to impart and timing of information
  • Managing rather than inflaming their emotions
  • How to close the conversation with sensitivity

In our quiet, comfortable consulting rooms, many managers who are about to deliver bad news, are able to download, problem solve and refocus. All you need to do to access this service is to contact us. We’re here to assist: http://managersassistance.com.au/contact-form-7-id53-titlecontact-form-1contact/

Manager’s Assistance is coming soon…

We’re here to:

    1. Assist managers with under-performing staff
    2. Assist with distressed staff who may be experiencing a mental health issue
    3. Provide specialist workplace behaviourists and development professionals
    4. Enable superior achievement of your strategic and operational intent
    5. When necessary we provide confidential oars across troubled waters. [c]