Distressed staff – how can you help?

Many managers who want to assist distressed staff have the best of intentions but are not sure how much they should, or should not get involved. The delicate balance of empathy and needed outcomes can pull a manager’s priorities in competing directions.

Making the decision to assist and then how to have that assisting conversation, what boundaries to set and what offers to make, can cause a manager angst and affect their own productivity.

Here are some basics that may help:

  1. Managing your own emotions by being practiced and well balanced going into the conversation;
  2. Not making offers without seeking guidance about your obligations as an employer representative;
  3. Having the capacity to listen within your area of competence and then knowing how to refer to others including expert services who may be of assistance to your employee.

If it’s difficult to find a trusted colleague to rehearse your intended conversation, it’s possible to gain our support. Just go to our confidential contact form: