Performance, sleep and Alzheimers alert

Early Alzheimers may just look like fragmented performance.

It’s Alzheimers Awareness month. Early onset Alzheimers in workplaces is a considerable challenge for managers to ethically manage.

We’ve all heard about Alzheimers. But it seems so far away from us; from our work and performance. Sadly, recent research is showing that most people present for testing so late in the progression of the disease that they really reduce the chance of slowing it. The ray of hope though, is that research is currently indicating quite clearly what the risk factors are. Most are risks we can manage, hence delaying the onset of the effect on our performance.

Well known risks are: aging, diabetes, poor sleep and other lifestyle factors, typically those that also contribute to vascular and coronary risk.

Many of the aspects of the initial, hard to detect, onset of Alzheimers can be slowed by the support available from workplace Employee Assistance Programs. The counsellors available through EAP are skilled in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). CBT is ideal for assisting people to rethink some of their lifestyle choices and habits, and develop new habits that will facilitate the slowing of the as yet incurable Alzheimers. CBT has also been extended into assisting with sleep disturbance. CBT for insomnia (CBTI) is also available through some EAP providers.

Our providers have up to date, practical approaches that may  help if you have concerns.