Save yourself from becoming adrift

As the pace and frequency of change accelerates, doing what’s important in our role becomes increasingly challenging. Yet, it’s still likely we will be held to account.

And if we are found wanting, we are likely to face the spectre of ‘being set adrift’ in very uncertain times.

In the Western Australian State Government at the moment most people have been, or are being impacted, by offers of the VTSS (Voluntary targeted separation scheme initiative).

Anticipating and enacting such a change typically brings increased workload, on top of existing priorities. If your personal life had been taking a backseat before the work of the change started, the run towards the end of the financial year may be weighing pretty heavily on you now. At times of peak work demands there are a few tips we can offer to keep yourself as well and functional as possible.

Fatigue blunts our effectiveness and can mean we have to work harder and longer to achieve what is needed. The resultant diminishing returns in work and personal life can affect us and the ones we love badly.

Oars Across the Waters is your support in troubled waters; whether you’re an individual or an organisation, operational staff or senior management, we have skilled professionals to assist you in troubled waters or in the development or achievement of your goals.

We frequently hear of tips for time management. However Oars Across the Waters work with clients indicates that ‘energy management’ is a more helpful approach. Managing our energy, including ‘being still’, at times, allows us to achieve more of what is most important.

Managing your energy tips

This is deceptively simple, but often so hard to do in open plan offices with ever present interruptions and distractions.

However in a time of constantly changing external priorities that impact on our goals and hence our time management schedule, how do we get to our especially taxing but necessary priorities? Or do they just keep slipping to the bottom of the pile whilst we work longer hours but still never seem to get ‘it’ done?

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Another very simple strategy, too often not utilised due to email interruption, is to decide at the end of the working day what will be your most important task for the next day. Then the following morning give that task your first attention of the day… before opening email. It takes some habit breaking to achieve. But those who do, report a very strong sense of satisfaction.

Sadly though the benefits of time management strategies are limited and we need more.

If we supplement time management with energy management then we are focussing on a replenishable, expandable resource, energy, rather than a finite resource, time. Energy is replenished by normal human dimensions of existence interacting with one another; physiological, psychological and emotional dimensions that renew us.

But sometimes, especially when we’re busy or stressed, we often ignore these or put them off and need to re-create replenishing habits; recreate them so well that you miss them if you don’t do them…

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Save yourself from becoming adrift….

Put some strategies into place in your life and if it’s difficult to do so, perhaps contact us. Our expertise is in helping you to take the steps that will help you look after yourself… no matter what the troubled waters.

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