Securing your security

In changing times all of us are likely to think of how we are going to secure our career and financial security. We may even be quite concerned about changing state, federal and global economic forecasts and whether we’ll keep our current job, or frighteningly be cast upon ‘the seas of uncertainty’.







If you are concerned, here are three strategies that you can do now. These strategies have provided many of our clients with  a ‘lifeboat’, and some ‘oars’ to row you to safer waters.

Strategy 1

Update your CV with achievements you’ve made during previous and current changes. These show you can embrace and deliver for your employer in ongoing change. Achievements in change will make you an attractive candidate for future openings.

Strategy 2

If your struggling to be optimistic about change, it will be hard to present well at an interview. We can help to overcome this difficulty.

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Strategy 3

Self development can be a confidence booster at this time, and can often give your network a much needed boost. You might want to consider updating your technical skills or more generic skills. Again we can help you with this, or you might like to take advantage of podcasts, Ted Talks: or online programs, especially from your professional association.

Engaging in any or all of these strategies will be beneficial even if change doesn’t affect you this time round. If you keep using these simple strategies you’ll have some strong oars to row yourself across future troubled waters.