Too Busy to Stop

Senior Consultant

Ann Convery Senior Consultant BSc Grad Dip (Bus) Multiple Lonnie Award winner

It’s been a long time since I met someone who wasn’t busy…someone who when asked about their week, replied “Yeah, it’s been a good week. Not much on, just been relaxing after work and spending time with the family”.  It seems that being ‘busy’ is the new socially acceptable way to spend your day. It seems like, if you’re not busy, you’re doing something wrong. It’s almost a guilty secret you need to hide from those around you who are frantically, relentlessly completing task after task.

 Nothing planned for the weekend?!? Half your luck!

Left work on time and had a relaxing dinner with your family??! Wish I had your life!

When was the last time you stopped and thought about where you choose to direct your energy and time?

Or just stopped.

And thought.

A while ago I started to wonder if maybe there was something going on. A reason why so many of us feel the same way at the end of the week; sigh with relief as we reach for a wine and take a breather away from our ‘busy’ lives.

I’m wondering if we’re so busy doing anything on the list, that some things on this big pile of tasks, just get left behind. Maybe we’re so used to grabbing jobs off the top of the pile, that we don’t get to do some of the things that really matter; that are more complex; more meaningful; harder or just ‘difficult’ tasks.

Jobs on the top of the pile can seem imperative, and we’ve done them a thousand times, and even though we might not particularly like them, we know them. And knowing them, makes them less daunting. So time and time again, we choose to be busy doing something we know, over something we don’t know. And then what … after weeks, months, years, we’re consumed by the familiarity of these busy tasks. We’re in the vortex. We stop stepping beyond it and instead it creates the boundary of what we do with our time.

Maybe today is the day to talk confidentially about that vortex. Managers Assistance is available to assist with working beyond your boundaries. Confidential contact:

Ann Convery Senior Consultant BSc Grad Dip (Bus) Managers Assistance