Vexed management situations: a blow up at work

Managers Assistance receives many calls like the one below:

We have a problem. We don’t know if you’ll be able to help but you were recommended to us. We have had a blow up at work. We sat the two people down to work it out, but it just got worse with one of the people now being on ‘stress leave’. We’re hoping you can provide some help or mediation. 

As the employee walked out she said she’s  ‘sick to death of all of us. No other manager has ever found fault with her and we are an uncaring bunch who don’t care a hoot about her and what she’s been going through!’ We know that her son is a bit off the rails and has been stealing from her.

Previously we’ve offered her EAP for herself and her son but she said he wouldn’t go to a counsellor.

So we want to email her and offer her some mediation, so she thinks we’re keen to do something for her.

The person who’s still at work is saying they’ll do their best to smooth things over. But that person doesn’t seem to understand  ‘how we do things’. She doesn’t seem to be able to change and she’s upset a few people.

This story is similar to ones we hear constantly. The caller and the individuals involved seem quite stuck, even though they may have good intentions to do their job and support each other as much as possible.

With skilled assistance this situation can be  improved: and better functioning of workplace relationships is quite possible.

If you’re working with a similar situation please feel free to contact us: