What is the ‘right’ thing?

Taking Accountable & Ethical Decision Making to the Next Level

Anyone who has worked in government for the past few years will have come across training for Accountable and Ethical Decision Making in some format; whether it is online, or our preferred method, face to face. Training about accountable and ethical decision making is becoming increasingly important for government agencies who are aiming to maintain high standards of integrity and protect their reputation as impartial, unbiased providers of services in the public interest.

But do your staff apply these accountability concepts to their everyday work practices, every time?

Are you comfortable that your staff are clear about what is the ‘right’ thing to do in every work situation? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t necessarily a ‘one size fits all’ solution to making the ‘right’ choice about what to do in every situation in government. What’s ‘right’ for one staff member, isn’t necessarily ‘right’ for another. Even within the same agency, there can be all sorts of valid reasons why different departments or teams approach a similar integrity issue slightly differently. Government employees regularly mention to us, that this ambiguity is ‘frustrating’ and that it devalues their professionalism. Many have made the comment ‘I just want to do my job. Tell me what is the right thing to do in this situation and I’ll do it’.

Identifying the ‘right’ thing to do at a team level, is the beginning of applying the First Steps Decision Making Model within an agency in a practical and meaningful way.  This clarity can help prevent unnecessary frustration and confusion that may lead to errors, and create a proactive rather than reactive approach to accountability that will benefit your agency and your team.

At the Management Assistance Division of Oars Across the Waters we can help facilitate these team level discussions by providing guided sessions to identify integrity risks and clarify accountability expectations.

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