Who are we?

Managers Assistance is a division of Oars Across the Waters Pty Ltd.

Oars Across the Waters Pty Ltd celebrated sixteen years of specialised service delivery in April 2021; sixteen years of providing our corporate clients with access to a select group of highly experienced consultant counsellors who provide management and public administration advice and support, counselling, and related development and mental health services. The company’s group of employees and associates includes clinical and forensic psychologists working in organisational settings, facilitators, trainers, coaches, and counsellors. Oars Across the Waters ethos is to: provide services to enable the superior achievement of your strategic and operational intent and when necessary provide confidential oars across troubled waters.

Oars Across the Waters staff and contractors all hold at least a four year degree in their chosen field of expertise, with many having progressed to Masters level. Oars Across the Waters draws this rich body of knowledge together, to provide a wide portfolio of experience and problem resolution/training strategies.

Counsellors represent diversity in age, cultural background and gender; are members of professional associations and have professional registrations and professional development points with which to comply. The company’s senior associates are typically leaders in their fields of specialisation. All possess significant experience in counselling where there is a dual client relationship, as in Employee Assistance programs (EAP), with both an individual and organisational client.

Oars Across the Waters has a mix of full time and part time personnel who have the capacity to increase availability in times of increased demand for services.

Counsellors have ongoing externally supervised accreditation standards and professional development points. Many of our psychologists also maintain Medicare registration and meet all auditing requirements.

Please see the Oars Across the Waters website for further information: http://oarsacrossthewaters.com/